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Taunting Celes

Author Date Link
MisterMV February 16, 2014 Video

This triggers the Celes Cutscene in Locke's scenario, death warps, and then leaves without getting Celes to save around 30 seconds.

Joker Doom and Reverse Joker Doom

Author Date Link
EssentiaFour July 7, 2013 Video

Shows how to do 7-7-7 and 7-7-Bar.

Whelk Quick Kill

Author Date Link
TheLCC March 29, 2014 Video

This is possible with battle speed 3, decent atb, and utilization of the wait trick.

Veldt Manipulation

Author Date Link
TheLCC February 14, 2014 Video

A tutorial of Veldt Manipulation and the game up until Kefka at Narshe.

Ifrit Fight

Author Date Link
TheLCC October 17, 2013 Video

Shows how to properly escape the Ifrit fight.

Final Kefka Fight

Author Date Link
TheLCC January 18, 2014 Video

Shows how to use a thunder rod to get party into critical HP so Celes can cover them using the True Knight relic.

SNES, North America, any%, no wrong warp Tutorial

Author Date Link
KadMony July 12, 2014 1 2

Full game tutorial of the any% no wrong warp category.

Inferno and Poltrgeist Skip

Author Date Link
TheLCC September 11, 2014 Video

Tutorial on how to skip the Inferno and Poltrgeist bosses in Kefka's Tower.

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