Final Fantasy Categories Tab3
Final Fantasy All Monsters%

In this category, all 128 monsters in the game are encountered at least once and must be defeated to count towards the 128 total. Soft and hard resets are used. Running away from battles is also allowed.


Final Fantasy III any% no credits warp

The job glitch is used but the credits warp is not allowed.


Final Fantasy IV No Escape%

The rules of this category are that you are not allowed to run away from any battles using any spells, items, or the L and R buttons. The only allowable escape is due to enemy attack only.

Final Fantasy IV All Bosses, "Glitchless"

Follows the same rules as "Glitchless". All bosses in the game must be defeated.


Final Fantasy VI All Characters and Espers, no sketch glitch

Every character and Esper in the game are obtained. Same rules as any% no sketch glitch. Shadow is unobtainable if the Floating Continent is skipped.

Final Fantasy VI All Characters and Espers, "glitchless"

Every character and Esper in the game are obtained. Same rules as "glitchless".


Final Fantasy VII no slots, all Characters & JP bosses

All bosses are defeated except for Emerald and Ruby weapon.

Final Fantasy VII no slots, XeroKynos' "100%"

As defined by XeroKynos: 1 of all items, 1 of all materia, all characters, enemy skills mastered, all limits, all sidequests, and all bosses are beaten.


Final Fantasy VIII no limits

Limit breaks are not allowed in this category.

Final Fantasy VIII XeroKynos' "100%"

As defined by XeroKynos: Defeat all bosses, get all GFs, finish all side quests, have 1 of each item, have all cards (in possession), all characters have their ultimate weapon, all characters have learnt all of their limit breaks, all junctionable GFs have learned all of their abilities (no abilities that can't be taught again were forgotten), all tutorial entries are known, and 12 timber maniacs are gotten.


Final Fantasy X Nemesis run

You need to defeat the optional boss "Nemesis" which has to be unlocked. The player has to capture ten of every fiend (that can be captured) and defeat all the other creations in the Monster Arena.


Final Fantasy X-2 100%

This category finishes the game with 100% story completion, as defined by the game itself. Timing ends at "THE END" screen, with proof of 100% visible.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 160 fragments

All 160 fragments are collected.

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