Final Fantasy Type-0

PS4, any%

Runner Time Date Link Console Notes
Frokenok 3:35:04 August 13, 2015 Video PS4 -
micsoul 3:38:03 September 4, 2015 Video PS4 -
Golbezz 3:58:42 March 25, 2015 Video PS4 -

PC, any%

Runner Time Date Link Console Notes
Soulcrusher842 2:43:19 September 11, 2015 Video - -
Common Jack 3:26:22 August 30, 2015 Video - -

PSP, Japan, any%

Runner Time Date Link Console Notes
ホーク・スノー (hawk_snow) 6:05:04 April 29, 2014 - PSP-3000 -

Timed from "NEW GAME" to ending after results screen.
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  • (*) = Played on emulator.

If a category is any% or has 2 or more runners across releases, that category is placed in the "competitive tab". Only the best times are listed unless a category only has a single runner, in which case his/her best 3 times are listed. Additionally, the top 3 times in a non-Japanese category are required to have VODs. Any top 3 time without video proof will be removed.

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